Hadassah Hospital’s Stem Cell research results shows promise for a treatment for Progressive MS


Breaking news: The results of the latest M.S. research project study at Hadassah Hospitals in Jerusalem are just published in “Brain” Journal of Neurology by Oxford Academic.

Hadassah UK is proud to have supported Multiple Sclerosis research at Hadassah by a team led by Prof. Dimitrios Karussis.

Prof. Karussis’ team study is a culmination of over a decade of important lab research and clinical work at Hadassah.

  • It is great positive news of a research project that could treat Progressive M.S.
  • Autologous mesenchymal stem cells have been tried on other illnesses with success and this study shows there is great potential within M.S.
  • Although this study was for small amount of patients, it is statistically reliable
  • It now needs to progress to a large scale study which hopefully the commercial company Neurogenesis will take over and finance.



Click here for the link to the announcement in the Jerusalem Post

And click here for the Multiple Sclerosis News Today article


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