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8 Nov

Emergency Underground Hospital at Hadassah

In just a few weeks, the space below Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital has been converted into an underground hospital, bracing for an influx of war casualties. Rows of hospital beds and medical equipment have been set up in what was meant to be used as a parking garage.   “We have up to 130 beds here, […]


25 Oct

Elderly Israeli couple escaped from Hamas after being taken hostage by armed terrorists and marched to Gaza

Moshe, 72, and Diana Rozen, 73, defied five armed Hamas terrorists who had frogmarched them towards the Gaza border in an extraordinary getaway.   When bloodthirsty militants attacked their kibbutz, Moshe and his wife, Diana, 73, found themselves in the clutches of terror, as barbaric terrorists laid waste to their home, burst into their bunker […]


10 Oct

Saving Lives: The Hadassah UK Emergency Appeal

As Operation Iron Swords is being waged in Israel, Hadassah Hospital is fighting desperately to save lives and heal the wounded. As the violence escalates, the number of injured – soldiers and citizens – continues to rise. Many of these individuals suffer from severe physical injuries, such as gunshot wounds, shrapnel injuries, and amputations, which […]


5 Sep

Hadassah Heroes Blog

Dr. Cabiri volunteered to help 11-year-old Talia beat cancer. Fifteen years later, he delivered her baby following a high-risk pregnancy.   It was an emotional reunion for Talia Bazak and her husband Asaf, and for Dr. Doron Cabiri, the doctor who delivered her baby at Hadassah Ein Kerem. Dr. Cabiri is a senior doctor at […]


24 Aug

Young Hadassah Is Taking Health-Impacting Actions Worldwide

Young Hadassah Without Borders (YHWB) is a growing network of purpose-driven leaders whose focus is to create humanitarian transformation by promoting activities that impact healthcare. Their mission? Inspire, engage, and empower young leaders who together with Hadassah International will create initiatives and projects that are meaningful, impactful, and sustainable, expanding the Hadassah brand and awareness […]


28 Mar

German Company BioNTech to open a Vaccine Manufacturing Plant in Jerusalem

German company BioNTech signed an agreement with the Municipality of Jerusalem to open a centre for the development, research, and production of mRNA-based vaccines, in cooperation with Hadassah Hospital.   Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion revealed at the ‘Mind The Tech’ conference in London that the German company BioNTech SE, developer of the coronavirus vaccine together […]


8 Nov

The Hadassah Nurses who Look After Women with Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis is a particularly shocking and confusing moment. In order to help the patients get through their journey, at Hadassah they receive personal guidance from a breast coordinator nurse, who becomes an anchor of knowledge and stability in a complex and challenging process. “The treatment of the disease is a journey, and […]


31 May

The Healing Power of Diversity at Hadassah

Opinion piece by Michal Cotler-Wunsh   I recently spent ten days living in Jerusalem’s Hadassah University Hospital in Ein Kerem, as my 21-year-old daughter, injured in an accident, was with second-degree burns on significant areas of her legs and arm.   The experience as a mother was agonising – watching your child in excruciating physical […]


11 May


Sveta, 46-years-old, did not hesitate when she had the opportunity to escape from Chernihiv, a beautiful historic Ukrainian town northeast of Kyiv. She was very ill, and together with her 6-year-old daughter Nastia, they had been living in a nightmare. Besides underlying health problems (diabetes and a heart condition), a bad case of COVID-19 two […]


31 Mar

The New Helmsley Paediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Hadassah

This year Hadassah UK is supporting the Paediatric Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit at Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, which is the only effective therapy for many immune system disorders and blood cancers requiring stem cell transplants. Many of these diseases are hereditary and occur more frequently in Israel due to the high rate of consanguineous marriage (between […]


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