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8 Nov

Emergency Underground Hospital at Hadassah

In just a few weeks, the space below Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital has been converted into an underground hospital, bracing for an influx of war casualties. Rows of hospital beds and medical equipment have been set up in what was meant to be used as a parking garage.   “We have up to 130 beds here, […]


11 May

Celebrating Israel’s 75TH – Hadassah International 2022 Year In Review

  This year, Israel recently celebrated its 75th Independence Day, while Hadassah International is marking its 40th anniversary.   What better way to celebrate these two important events than by reflecting on our achievements over the past year? We take pride in the fact that since its inception, Hadassah has been an integral part of […]


12 Jan

New Blood Cancer Treatment developed at Hadassah for Multiple Myeloma shows 90% improvement

BREAKING NEWS   Hadassah together with Bar Ilan University have successfully developed an immunotherapy treatment for Multiple Myeloma by “reprogramming the immune systems” of cancer patients, with a US-based pharma company licensing it for commercialisation. The treatment involves removing healthy white blood cells — T-cells — from cancer patients and adding an artificial molecule before […]


8 Dec

Hadassah International Leadership Retreat

Fifty Hadassah International leaders, representing 29 nationalities from the four corners of the world, including 11 time zones, 25 countries, and 17 languages came together in Jerusalem on November 19th for three days for their first in-person meetings, since the start of the Covid pandemic.   After an emotional reunion,  The Hadassah International retreat began […]


30 Nov

As we celebrate the festival of lights, we reflect on Hadassah UK’s projects this year

As the global uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its variants continued into 2021, Hadassah has moved from strength to strength. Here are the moments over the past 12 months that have helped to illuminate Hadassah’s mission and have enhanced the health and lives of people in Jerusalem and worldwide through support of medical care and research at Hadassah’s hospitals. Hadassah UK […]


12 Aug


The Health Ministry’s report for 2020 places Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in first place in the major hospital category and Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus at the top in the category of small-campus hospitals. Both received a maximum score of 10. The scoresheet takes into account a vast array of services. Among them are the ability […]


10 Dec

Hadassah Hospital’s Stem Cell research results shows promise for a treatment for Progressive MS

Breaking news: The results of the latest M.S. research project study at Hadassah Hospitals in Jerusalem are just published in “Brain” Journal of Neurology by Oxford Academic. Hadassah UK is proud to have supported Multiple Sclerosis research at Hadassah by a team led by Prof. Dimitrios Karussis. Prof. Karussis’ team study is a culmination of […]


21 Oct

Hadassah UK and Maccabi GB launch brand new project ‘Just For Kicks’

Wednesday 21st October, London – On Monday 19th October, Hadassah UK and Maccabi GB announced the launch of a brand new project, ‘Just For Kicks.’ ‘Just For Kicks’ is a fun initiative allowing people to support not only their favourite football team but also nominate their rival football teams whilst donating to two fantastic charities. […]


10 Jul

Hadassah’s Wohl Institute Provides Tools for Researchers to Advance

Just six months have passed since the Wohl Institute for Translational Medicine opened at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, but it has already become the focus of 30 research projects from Hadassah. “In such a short time, with nearly half of it dominated by COVID-19, we’ve established ourselves as a national centre,” says Institute Director Prof. […]


1 Jun

What does Covid-19 mean for children with additional needs and their families

In a webinar, on May 27, organised by Hadassah UK and Norwood (the UK’s largest Jewish charity supporting children, families, and people with learning disabilities and autism), Prof. Eitan Kerem, head of the Division of Paediatrics at the Hadassah Hospitals in Jerusalem, offered advice to listeners from 16 countries about how parents can steer their […]


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