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24 Jan

How cutting-edge Israeli medical tech is boosting survival rates of war-wounded

A 23-year-old woman was shot multiple times by Hamas terrorists from Gaza as they savagely attacked the outdoor Supernova music festival on October 7. One of the bullets penetrated the woman’s left eye and lodged in the right side of her brain. Thousands of others, like the woman from the festival, were injured and rushed […]


17 Aug

A Scientific Breakthrough at Hadassah

When an advanced lung cancer patient lost consciousness from acute hypoglycemia, doctors tried a treatment that proved to be a successful scientific breakthrough.   A 57-year-old advanced lung-cancer patient was brought to Hadassah in Jerusalem, unconscious from dangerously low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) due to a rare complication in which the tumour secretes a protein that […]


10 Aug

A World First in Israel at Hadassah

Hadassah doctors save miracle baby’s ovaries in ‘extremely rare’ procedure.   Tamar Levi was 35 weeks pregnant at her ultrasound appointment. However, a routine test turned into an emergency caesarean section with immediate surgery on the newborn baby girl. The ultrasound showed an abnormality in the abdominal cavity. After consulting with her gynaecologist Dr Marc […]


12 Jul

Male & Female Stem Cells Derived from the Same Person with the Same Genetic Code

Stem cells have been making headlines for the past three decades for good reason – they are master cells, capable of generating nearly any specialised cell in the human body.   Our ability to manipulate and replicate these cells holds tremendous hope for regenerative medicine,  to test the safety and effectiveness of treatments, and understand […]


16 May

Hadassah Clinical Trial of Proton Radiation Treatment For Cancer Patients

For the first time in Israel, Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) working in collaboration with Israeli company P-Cure, is now able to provide ground-breaking experimental proton radiation treatment to cancer patients.   This treatment is more precise and efficient, safer, with fewer side effects than any other treatment available. In the past, Israeli patients who wanted […]


28 Mar

German Company BioNTech to open a Vaccine Manufacturing Plant in Jerusalem

German company BioNTech signed an agreement with the Municipality of Jerusalem to open a centre for the development, research, and production of mRNA-based vaccines, in cooperation with Hadassah Hospital.   Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion revealed at the ‘Mind The Tech’ conference in London that the German company BioNTech SE, developer of the coronavirus vaccine together […]


16 Mar


The Organoid Centre at Hadassah Ein Kerem, the first of its kind in Israel, was established by Hadassah at the initiative of Prof. Eyal Mishani, head of Hadassah’s Research and Development Department and the Research Fund. The director is Dr. Myriam Grunewald, a specialist in vascular biology. Serving as director of the centre’s clinic is […]


8 Nov

The Hadassah Nurses who Look After Women with Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis is a particularly shocking and confusing moment. In order to help the patients get through their journey, at Hadassah they receive personal guidance from a breast coordinator nurse, who becomes an anchor of knowledge and stability in a complex and challenging process. “The treatment of the disease is a journey, and […]


27 Oct

Hadassah and Drug Giant Merck Launch MRNA Iniative To Fight Cancer

Pharmaceutical company Merck and Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem launched CanceRNA, which aims to use messenger-RNA technology to treat cancer   Regine Shevach, the head of Merck’s Innovative Technologies Enablement Centre in Israel, has always believed in collaborations.   “In the past, projects usually happened within the same industry,” she said. “Today, however, things have […]


5 Sep

World First at Hadassah:

An artificial-intelligence algorithm to identify a group of “point mutations” that cause cancer in TP53 – a gene involved in about half of all cancerous tumours – has been developed by a group of researchers at Hadassah-University Hospital in Jerusalem. Their discovery has aroused much interest among doctors and scientists around the world.   The […]


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