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24 Jan

How cutting-edge Israeli medical tech is boosting survival rates of war-wounded

A 23-year-old woman was shot multiple times by Hamas terrorists from Gaza as they savagely attacked the outdoor Supernova music festival on October 7. One of the bullets penetrated the woman’s left eye and lodged in the right side of her brain. Thousands of others, like the woman from the festival, were injured and rushed […]


17 Jan

Jerusalem Hospitals Reports Record Number Of Births

The city’s maternity wards are busier than ever due to thousands of parents that were evacuated from the north and south. Jerusalem is the most populous, diverse, and multifaceted city in Israel, with large populations of religious Jews and Muslims who tend to have large families.   So it’s no wonder that the city’s maternity […]


11 Jan

Hadassah Solidarity Mission in Israel – Jan 2024

Hadassah’s Solidarity Mission to Israel took place this week, with our supporters from around the world, to stand in solidarity, witness the transformative work underway, and share in the uplifting stories of resilience.   The mission began with a heart-breaking visit to the Hostage Task Force Centre, where the group heard from Moran and Raz […]


19 Dec

The War has caught Israeli Hospitals Unprepared to Handle the High Number of Wounded

Since October 7, more than 10,580 Israelis have been wounded in the war with Hamas in Gaza, attacks along the Lebanon border, and terrorist attacks in the West Bank, according to the Health Ministry. The latest figures provided by the Defense Ministry indicate that 6,125 of the wounded are IDF soldiers and members of the […]


14 Dec

A Student Nurse’s Perspective From Inside Hadassah Hospital

Tamar Ellis was born in Israel but grew up in Halifax, Canada. After school, she came to Israel and completed her national service in a delivery room in Jerusalem. She received a degree in kinesiology from Dalhousie University and worked for three years in mental health before making Aliyah in 2019. Tamar is currently in […]


8 Nov

Emergency Underground Hospital at Hadassah

In just a few weeks, the space below Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital has been converted into an underground hospital, bracing for an influx of war casualties. Rows of hospital beds and medical equipment have been set up in what was meant to be used as a parking garage.   “We have up to 130 beds here, […]


25 Oct

Elderly Israeli couple escaped from Hamas after being taken hostage by armed terrorists and marched to Gaza

Moshe, 72, and Diana Rozen, 73, defied five armed Hamas terrorists who had frogmarched them towards the Gaza border in an extraordinary getaway.   When bloodthirsty militants attacked their kibbutz, Moshe and his wife, Diana, 73, found themselves in the clutches of terror, as barbaric terrorists laid waste to their home, burst into their bunker […]


10 Oct

Saving Lives: The Hadassah UK Emergency Appeal

As Operation Iron Swords is being waged in Israel, Hadassah Hospital is fighting desperately to save lives and heal the wounded. As the violence escalates, the number of injured – soldiers and citizens – continues to rise. Many of these individuals suffer from severe physical injuries, such as gunshot wounds, shrapnel injuries, and amputations, which […]


5 Sep

Hadassah Heroes Blog

Dr. Cabiri volunteered to help 11-year-old Talia beat cancer. Fifteen years later, he delivered her baby following a high-risk pregnancy.   It was an emotional reunion for Talia Bazak and her husband Asaf, and for Dr. Doron Cabiri, the doctor who delivered her baby at Hadassah Ein Kerem. Dr. Cabiri is a senior doctor at […]


24 Aug

Young Hadassah Is Taking Health-Impacting Actions Worldwide

Young Hadassah Without Borders (YHWB) is a growing network of purpose-driven leaders whose focus is to create humanitarian transformation by promoting activities that impact healthcare. Their mission? Inspire, engage, and empower young leaders who together with Hadassah International will create initiatives and projects that are meaningful, impactful, and sustainable, expanding the Hadassah brand and awareness […]


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