Hadassah UK Appeal: New Rehabilitation Centre Technological Incubator


Hadassah UK’s Appeal supports the New Rehabilitation Centre Technological Incubator at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus

The Rehabilitation Department at Hadassah Mount Scopus is the sole department for patients aged 16-100 in the greater Jerusalem area. This department covers diverse neurological and orthopaedic situations in at least 4 dominant languages.

It is characterised by a multicultural patient populations and a pluri-disciplinary approach of physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, nurses, psychologists and social workers. All cooperate to create a patient tailored program centred on returning to an optimal active lifestyle.

However at present there are only 38 beds for rehabilitation services in an outdated building from the 1960’s and ill patients are having to wait months for an appointment or travel long distances to get services elsewhere.

So it is now necessary and overdue to build an expanding modern Rehabilitation Centre. Hadassah is building a new $117m Centre (in construction and due for completion in 2023) to service the needs of our current 1.2m population.

Hadassah UK has taken on a $1m project to create a “Technological Incubator Facility” within the Rehab Centre to create a space for innovative research and development of new ways to treat rehab needs, including using smart phones and apps. This will enable the hospital to continue to give the first class treatment and care well into the future for which Hadassah is famous.

Hadassah UK is raising funds to support the Rehabilitation Department’s new Technological Incubator Unit.

What is the/a Rehabilitation Technology Incubator? A concept space to develop ideas, new products and services within the framework of rehabilitation.

  • The new rehabilitation centre will offer a unique space exclusive to the development of technical solutions that will enhance and upgrade the rehabilitation process.
  • Many specific tools and Apps for patient’s needs and treatments are not yet available on the market.
  • The technological incubator can facilitate the development of these highly individualised tools and equipment that can be used by similar patients around the world.
  • The incubator will include research, data collection and analysis with a special emphasis on building relationships between them.
  • The rehabilitation centre in general will take a holistic approach that will extend to complete wellness, simultaneously promoting wellbeing, physical and emotional mental health in order to enhance the rehabilitation process and improve the outcomes.


When overarching trauma fails to receive the complete and timely care that it calls for, the resulting situation creates significant personal, social and financial burdens. We envision a situation in which a health crisis can also be a turning point for health empowerment and growth towards a renewed personal and social wellbeing and consequently limit the burden on society.

This leads to Integrative Healthcare as a collaborative combination of multiple approaches, technological solutions, innovative methodologies, complementary therapies, principle from positive psychology, behavioural economics, design thinking, community building and mentoring.

Facilitating Rehabilitation through Innovation – Questions and answers:

What is the hospital management’s vision about the technological incubator?

It is only fitting for this new state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre to have a place for innovative and technological advances within the field of rehabilitation. By giving our renowned staff the right tools and facilities to create cutting edge equipment, Hadassah can remain a world leader in providing their patients with the best in rehabilitation while creating solutions for the rest of the world.

Will it be rented out to companies?

Yes we are currently working on the business model of how the incubator will work with relevant companies to enhance the vision of the Incubator.

Will it be only a meeting place for presenting/discussing results of research of outside companies OR the research happens on the place?

The Incubator will be a place of research and development. It will facilitate research, data collection and analysis within the department to evaluate and modify intervention programs for patients and also validating research and beta solutions in collaboration with technological companies and potential investors connected to the field of rehabilitation.

The development side of the Incubator will focus on innovative technological solutions in the rehabilitation process, assisting the patient in daily life and improving their overall physical and mental health.

Where will it function or will use other facilities of the hospital?

The Incubator will be located on the first floor of the new Rehabilitation Centre but its “incubation” will be within the whole newly built Rehab building and in the whole of Hadassah Hospitals Jerusalem campuses.

Will it be income generator from rent/patents?

The Incubator plans to generate income in three ways:

  1. Providing consultation to companies
  2. validation processes for existing technologies
  3. through intellectual property generated within the incubator

Will it have its own staff? And if yes, what kind of staff?

The incubator staff will be an interdisciplinary cooperative team from three different areas working together to compliment and support each other:

  • The interdisciplinary staff from the new Rehabilitation Centre, which includes doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, speech therapists and psychologists. We also want to provide space for students and professors from Hebrew University.
  • Mentors and leaders from a variety of fields outside of the rehabilitation world will have a strong presence and will influence future projects together and be the main actors in ongoing activities within the Technological Incubator.


Some of the fields that will be represented will be engineering, art and design, computer science, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, law, psychology, economics and more.

A board of advisors comprised of leading experts in their fields to support the development and growth of projects taking place within the incubator.

Does tech innovation in rehab exist anywhere else in Israel?

Yes in Tel Hashomer Sheba Hospital and Alyn Hospital.

However, unlike these institutions, the uniqueness of this J’lem technological incubator comes from the dense clusters of diverse communities in patients and staff that will utilise this space for innovation.

The new rehabilitation Centre treats a vast variety of people, conditions and injuries, including stroke rehabilitation, oncological rehabilitation, neurodevelopment rehabilitation, sport rehabilitation, rehabilitation for amputees, driving rehabilitation, walking restoration, Communication and language services and more.










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