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17 Jan

Jerusalem Hospitals Reports Record Number Of Births

The city’s maternity wards are busier than ever due to thousands of parents that were evacuated from the north and south. Jerusalem is the most populous, diverse, and multifaceted city in Israel, with large populations of religious Jews and Muslims who tend to have large families.   So it’s no wonder that the city’s maternity […]


11 Jan

Hadassah Solidarity Mission in Israel – Jan 2024

Hadassah’s Solidarity Mission to Israel took place this week, with our supporters from around the world, to stand in solidarity, witness the transformative work underway, and share in the uplifting stories of resilience.   The mission began with a heart-breaking visit to the Hostage Task Force Centre, where the group heard from Moran and Raz […]


19 Dec

The War has caught Israeli Hospitals Unprepared to Handle the High Number of Wounded

Since October 7, more than 10,580 Israelis have been wounded in the war with Hamas in Gaza, attacks along the Lebanon border, and terrorist attacks in the West Bank, according to the Health Ministry. The latest figures provided by the Defense Ministry indicate that 6,125 of the wounded are IDF soldiers and members of the […]


11 May

Celebrating Israel’s 75TH – Hadassah International 2022 Year In Review

  This year, Israel recently celebrated its 75th Independence Day, while Hadassah International is marking its 40th anniversary.   What better way to celebrate these two important events than by reflecting on our achievements over the past year? We take pride in the fact that since its inception, Hadassah has been an integral part of […]


15 Feb

Hadassah is helping encourage young Arab Israeli citizens to volunteer for National Service

Hadassah is helping encourage young Arab Israeli citizens to volunteer for National Service   For the past three years, Hadassah Hospital has offered a programme tailored to young Arab men and women, aged 17 to 23, who would like to volunteer. Our programme has been so successful that volunteers who may live far from the […]


8 Dec

Hadassah International Leadership Retreat

Fifty Hadassah International leaders, representing 29 nationalities from the four corners of the world, including 11 time zones, 25 countries, and 17 languages came together in Jerusalem on November 19th for three days for their first in-person meetings, since the start of the Covid pandemic.   After an emotional reunion,  The Hadassah International retreat began […]


21 Jun

Spearheading an Expansion at Hadassah Mount Scopus

Dr. Tamar Elram, an obstetrician-gynecologist, age 50, has been head of the 350-bed Mount Scopus hospital since 2017, responsible for its staff of 1,200 and almost 300,000 patients each year as well as for its operations, maintenance and development. But she still relishes her clinical work. “Continuing to practice gynecology keeps my feet on the […]


31 May

The Healing Power of Diversity at Hadassah

Opinion piece by Michal Cotler-Wunsh   I recently spent ten days living in Jerusalem’s Hadassah University Hospital in Ein Kerem, as my 21-year-old daughter, injured in an accident, was with second-degree burns on significant areas of her legs and arm.   The experience as a mother was agonising – watching your child in excruciating physical […]


31 Aug

Hadassah UK New Nursery at Mount Scopus – Rosh Hashanah Appeal

When Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus campus reopened in 1976, it was considered the most spacious and developed hospital in Jerusalem and was built to accommodate 250 births each month. Now this has almost doubled and, with nearly 500 babies born every month, is expected to rise significantly in time as Jerusalem continues to grow. With […]


12 Aug


The Health Ministry’s report for 2020 places Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in first place in the major hospital category and Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus at the top in the category of small-campus hospitals. Both received a maximum score of 10. The scoresheet takes into account a vast array of services. Among them are the ability […]


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