Hadassah’s Vision: Living Through and After COVID-19


Over 200 Hadassah leaders from 25 countries around the world participated in a virtual meeting with Prof. Ze’ev Rotstein, Director General of the Hadassah Medical Organisation (HMO), to learn about the groundbreaking lifesaving innovations that have been taken at the Hadassah Hospitals to battle the Coronavirus in Jerusalem.

Hadassah’s pioneering model and innovations in hospital facility preparation and care have become the gold standard for dealing with COVID-19 in Israel, with the major hospitals across the country replicating what Hadassah has instituted.

Three years ago, Hadassah became a digital hospital as part of a major transformation for the future. This has allowed medical staff to work off the premises, carry out many video-linked consultations and collaborations and has even improved testing. Hadassah’s two campuses (Ein Kerem and Mount Scopus) are strongly digitally connected. This transformation together with more artificial intelligence, has proved to be more and more relevant.

Rotstein stated that “Hadassah’s founder, Henrietta Szold, taught Hadassah to dare to dream big. That, is what the Hadassah Hospitals did in this COVID-19 crisis, and it paid off in saving lives. Sometimes even snatching the patients from the jaws of the angel of death.”

Hadassah assisting the global network of hospitals and communities fighting COVID-19:

 Hadassah is the leading hospital in Israel in medical care and research related to COVID-19 and an international leader in the fight against the Coronavirus.

With the publication of the Hadassah Manual of Protocols for COVID-19 in English, Spanish and Russian, Hadassah is now able to share the lessons they have learnt, across the globe to save lives and mitigate the impact of the coronavirus as the pandemic has spread.

Prof. Rotstein informed the webinar audience that the Hadassah model for defeating COVID-19 includes:

  • Coronavirus patients need to be separated from the general hospital so that they can receive specialised care in a safe environment where they will not infect others.
  • Testing for the disease is vital, to reassure both the staff, the patients, and the population at large.
  • Your staff are your soldiers in this battle.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is crucial.


Hadassah has a strong collaboration with the Hebrew U. and have been working together with students and scientists, diagnosing cases, creating sophisticated medications and innovations. This cooperation is a great step forward for the future.

Excellent multi-discipline teams were quickly assembled to tackle the Covid-19 virus. This is where Israel’s emergency response is particularly experienced. Hadassah did not rely on anaesthetists alone but on many different specialities and recruited very experienced intensive care nurses. These teams, now replicated all over Israel, have saved lives.

The Next Wave of Covid-19.

Expected to hit in the fall and winter, the renovation of the Round Building at Ein Kerem is urgent. It needs to be completed quickly with 200 extra beds added so that Hadassah Ein Kerem can continue to treat all those who need care for regular ailments while continuing to treat COVID-19 patients at the same time. Hadassah Mount Scopus continues to serve the ongoing treatment of Covid-19 free patients, including the maternity wards.

There will be a greater need and call on specialised rehabilitation services for those recovering from serious Covid-19 infections.

Sharing our experience with others around the world is also essential. Three specific examples are:

  1. Sampling and testing the citizens of Moscow who have been hit hard. Hadassah have taught them how to set up drive in testing stations.
  2. Helping the Palestinian Authority to set up laboratories and test. We continue to instruct them and spare no effort in helping all we can.
  3. Providing Hadassah’s protocols to governments. A major example of this, being directly to the President of Mexico.

Editor’s Note:

These notes were taken from a talk by Professor Ze’ev Rotstein, earlier this week. Please keep an eye on our regular Facebook updates for other news coming out of Hadassah.

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