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24 August 2023

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Young Hadassah Without Borders (YHWB) is a growing network of purpose-driven leaders whose focus is to create humanitarian transformation by promoting activities that impact healthcare. Their mission? Inspire, engage, and empower young leaders who together with Hadassah International will create initiatives and projects that are meaningful, impactful, and sustainable, expanding the Hadassah brand and awareness throughout the world.



Uniting Global Leaders for the Greater Good


The 12 YHWB pioneers who met for the first-time last year in Zurich, Switzerland led the way to a transformative journey that took 35 young leaders to Jerusalem a few months later in November 2022. Representing 15 countries, they experienced the remarkable Hadassah Hospital ecosystem firsthand. In June this year, another exceptional conference was held in New York.


Their committed collaboration has allowed dreams to transform into active initiatives. The participants formed action groups based on their skill sets and interests, and identified needs that were deemed most important to bring greater value to the world:


Global Pulse

The importance of saving lives led to a project that will spread awareness of basic life support all over the world: ‘Becoming First Responders‘. Collaborating with the Secure Community Network, the Global Pulse group organised training and real-life simulations to prepare the YHWB members to be ready to make a difference wherever needed.


Cases For Causes (C4C)

C4C is a start-up global platform seeking to unite college students to help address urgent health and social issues by scaling up solutions for maximum impact with minimum resources. It aims to bridge the gap between real-world problems mapped by NGOs and the case-solving competition format.


Derech Hadassah (The Hadassah Road)

By implementing psychological prevention and support services in clinics and hospitals, this project will improve the life of patients, their families, and the medical staff treating them. It will lead to better recovery rates for patients. Families will gain a better understanding of the challenges their loved ones face, enabling them to offer the necessary support during their medical journey.


Genetics and Fertility

This group is set to spread awareness about fertility and expand the Genetics Programme which started in Mexico, so that young couples world-wide can make informed decisions about their reproductive health and prevent passing diseases to their children.


In the spirit of Tikkun Olam – Healing the World, the group set out to bring healing and hope to our planet. A year filled with inspiring encounters, cultural exchanges, and believing that no challenge is too great when standing united. YHWB is about empowering the dreams of young leaders who envision a better world.


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