Hadassah UK marked International Women’s Day by hosting a joint webinar with Migdal Emunah (Jewish Sexual Abuse Support in the UK) and Hadassah International. This webinar was part of Hadassah’s global campaign calling for individuals and organisations around the world to #EndTheSilence on the October 7 sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas.


We must all remember the hundreds of women and children who were raped and murdered in Israel out of hatred, some of them still in captivity. And every time we speak of what happened to these victims, there will be countless others, who finally feel able to speak about their own experiences of sexual violence, in the knowledge that we believe them, we can offer them safety, and we can support them to live a better life from now on.


We encourage everyone to be educated on the facts of what happened on October 7 and what continues to happen to many of the hostages held in Gaza. We will continue to share and educate others to prevent such atrocities happening again and we hope this webinar has provided more insight into the current situation.


The webinar took place with special guest speaker Prof. David Mankuta of the Hadassah Bat Ami Rape Crisis Centre in conversation with Erica Marks, CEO of Migdal Emunah.




Disclaimer: This Webinar contains descriptions of sexual trauma. 


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