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18 Jan

Ukranian Doctors Undergo Training At Hadassah in Advanced Cancer Treatment

Ukranian Doctors undergo Training at Hadassah in Advanced Cancer Treatment   Hadassah supporters can feel proud that your donations have made it possible for two Ukrainian doctors and a nurse from Kyiv’s 600-bed National Cancer Institute to undergo training in advanced cancer treatment at Hadassah.   Their training has been under the guidance of Professor […]


12 Jan

New Blood Cancer Treatment developed at Hadassah for Multiple Myeloma shows 90% improvement

BREAKING NEWS   Hadassah together with Bar Ilan University have successfully developed an immunotherapy treatment for Multiple Myeloma by “reprogramming the immune systems” of cancer patients, with a US-based pharma company licensing it for commercialisation. The treatment involves removing healthy white blood cells — T-cells — from cancer patients and adding an artificial molecule before […]


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