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17 Aug

A Scientific Breakthrough at Hadassah

When an advanced lung cancer patient lost consciousness from acute hypoglycemia, doctors tried a treatment that proved to be a successful scientific breakthrough.   A 57-year-old advanced lung-cancer patient was brought to Hadassah in Jerusalem, unconscious from dangerously low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) due to a rare complication in which the tumour secretes a protein that […]


16 Mar


The Organoid Centre at Hadassah Ein Kerem, the first of its kind in Israel, was established by Hadassah at the initiative of Prof. Eyal Mishani, head of Hadassah’s Research and Development Department and the Research Fund. The director is Dr. Myriam Grunewald, a specialist in vascular biology. Serving as director of the centre’s clinic is […]


8 Mar

Hadassah’s New Gene Targeting Tool Can Improve Cancer Treatment Outcomes for Patients

Hadassah Cancer Research Institute at the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, announced last month that researchers have designed a genomic analysis tool for cancer patients that enables advanced selection of drugs targeting schemes for cancer genes, opening the door to improved personalised medicine in cancer treatment.   The science behind this breakthrough tool is a […]


12 Jan

New Blood Cancer Treatment developed at Hadassah for Multiple Myeloma shows 90% improvement

BREAKING NEWS   Hadassah together with Bar Ilan University have successfully developed an immunotherapy treatment for Multiple Myeloma by “reprogramming the immune systems” of cancer patients, with a US-based pharma company licensing it for commercialisation. The treatment involves removing healthy white blood cells — T-cells — from cancer patients and adding an artificial molecule before […]


8 Nov

The Hadassah Nurses who Look After Women with Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis is a particularly shocking and confusing moment. In order to help the patients get through their journey, at Hadassah they receive personal guidance from a breast coordinator nurse, who becomes an anchor of knowledge and stability in a complex and challenging process. “The treatment of the disease is a journey, and […]


27 Oct

Hadassah and Drug Giant Merck Launch MRNA Iniative To Fight Cancer

Pharmaceutical company Merck and Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem launched CanceRNA, which aims to use messenger-RNA technology to treat cancer   Regine Shevach, the head of Merck’s Innovative Technologies Enablement Centre in Israel, has always believed in collaborations.   “In the past, projects usually happened within the same industry,” she said. “Today, however, things have […]


24 Mar

Hi-Tech Nursing Innovations at Hadassah

Despite the best efforts of our medical caregivers, certain medical procedures can be painful or unpleasant. Do we just “grin and bear it,” or can we come up with better methods to mitigate the pain? Not if Hadassah Medical Organisation nurses can help it. At Hadassah we always put our patients’ wellbeing first.  In our hospitals in Jerusalem, […]


14 Apr

Hadassah Ophthalmologist First Israeli to Win Prestigious ARVO Award

Prof. Jacob Peer, Head of the Onco-Opthalmology Department at Hadassah-University Medical Centre, has become the first Israeli to win the prestigious Joanne G. Angle Award from the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO). Prof. Peer, won the award earlier this month from ARVO, the largest eye and vision research organisation in the world […]


31 May

Hadassah School for sick children

By Wendy Elliman March 2019 It took 7-year-old Malik only moments to decide that “Despacito” is his favourite song. An Arabic version of the Puerto Rican pop hit was found on an iPad, and he and other youngsters accompanied its Latin rhythms on drums, cabasas, maracas and cymbals. Moishy was next. The 4-year-old’s choice was […]


28 Jan

Creative “Magic Tricks” reduce need to sedate children for radiation treatment

Until recently, children in Israel with cancer were almost always sedated for radiation treatment. At the Hadassah Medical Center, however, that is changing. Since August, a dozen sick children have undergone radiation without sedation. “If children aren’t sedated in certain other countries, why should the situation be any different here?” asked Emuna Steimetz, a teacher […]


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