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24 Aug

Young Hadassah Is Taking Health-Impacting Actions Worldwide

Young Hadassah Without Borders (YHWB) is a growing network of purpose-driven leaders whose focus is to create humanitarian transformation by promoting activities that impact healthcare. Their mission? Inspire, engage, and empower young leaders who together with Hadassah International will create initiatives and projects that are meaningful, impactful, and sustainable, expanding the Hadassah brand and awareness […]


17 Aug

A Scientific Breakthrough at Hadassah

When an advanced lung cancer patient lost consciousness from acute hypoglycemia, doctors tried a treatment that proved to be a successful scientific breakthrough.   A 57-year-old advanced lung-cancer patient was brought to Hadassah in Jerusalem, unconscious from dangerously low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) due to a rare complication in which the tumour secretes a protein that […]


10 Aug

A World First in Israel at Hadassah

Hadassah doctors save miracle baby’s ovaries in ‘extremely rare’ procedure.   Tamar Levi was 35 weeks pregnant at her ultrasound appointment. However, a routine test turned into an emergency caesarean section with immediate surgery on the newborn baby girl. The ultrasound showed an abnormality in the abdominal cavity. After consulting with her gynaecologist Dr Marc […]


3 Aug

New Hadassah Director of Emergency Medicine, Ein Kerem Shares his Vision for Hadassah

The population of Jerusalem is highly diverse, requiring sensitivity and a unique understanding. A notable rise in patients turning to ERs for emergency care following the COVID-19 pandemic, together with increased life expectancy in Israel, and many patients suffering from comorbidities, has led to a significant increase in ER admissions over the last five years. […]


12 Jul

Male & Female Stem Cells Derived from the Same Person with the Same Genetic Code

Stem cells have been making headlines for the past three decades for good reason – they are master cells, capable of generating nearly any specialised cell in the human body.   Our ability to manipulate and replicate these cells holds tremendous hope for regenerative medicine,  to test the safety and effectiveness of treatments, and understand […]


6 Jul

Israeli Researchers Develop Cream to Treat Chemo Side Effects

A cream that treats the severe side effects of targeted treatment in cancer patients, significantly improving their quality of life, has been developed by researchers at the Hebrew University and Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem.   A new study led by Dr. Sharon Merims, Dermatologist and head of the Dermato-Oncology clinic at Hadassah and Prof. […]


15 Jun

Hadassah Transplant Patient Runs Marathon With His Kidney Donor

29-year-old Guy Dimery underwent a kidney transplant at Hadassah Hospital.  He never imagined that just a year after his surgery he would run a marathon – together with the person who donated a kidney to him and saved his life.   Read Guy & Yael’s story:   Guy’s Story   ” From the age of […]


7 Jun

Hadassah: A Light unto the Nations – by Hirsch Goodman

The ethos of Israel being a light unto the nations was made tangible to me recently when I walked through the corridors of Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem to meet two of six doctors from Cameroon currently doing their residencies at the hospital.   Doctors Fung Holgar Mua and Carlson Asanghanwa opted to specialise […]


16 May

Hadassah Clinical Trial of Proton Radiation Treatment For Cancer Patients

For the first time in Israel, Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) working in collaboration with Israeli company P-Cure, is now able to provide ground-breaking experimental proton radiation treatment to cancer patients.   This treatment is more precise and efficient, safer, with fewer side effects than any other treatment available. In the past, Israeli patients who wanted […]


11 May

Celebrating Israel’s 75TH – Hadassah International 2022 Year In Review

  This year, Israel recently celebrated its 75th Independence Day, while Hadassah International is marking its 40th anniversary.   What better way to celebrate these two important events than by reflecting on our achievements over the past year? We take pride in the fact that since its inception, Hadassah has been an integral part of […]


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