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31 Jan

3D miracles: How an advanced printer rescued a soldier’s leg from amputation

Shilo, a soldier serving in Givati and attending officers’ school, sustained a complicated injury during the intense battle in Gaza, resulting in his knee shattering; Hadassah Hospital used advanced 3D printing technology, meticulously recreating his knee based on the structure of his healthy one.   Shilo  received orders on Saturday to deploy to the Gaza […]


25 Oct

Elderly Israeli couple escaped from Hamas after being taken hostage by armed terrorists and marched to Gaza

Moshe, 72, and Diana Rozen, 73, defied five armed Hamas terrorists who had frogmarched them towards the Gaza border in an extraordinary getaway.   When bloodthirsty militants attacked their kibbutz, Moshe and his wife, Diana, 73, found themselves in the clutches of terror, as barbaric terrorists laid waste to their home, burst into their bunker […]


10 Oct

Saving Lives: The Hadassah UK Emergency Appeal

As Operation Iron Swords is being waged in Israel, Hadassah Hospital is fighting desperately to save lives and heal the wounded. As the violence escalates, the number of injured – soldiers and citizens – continues to rise. Many of these individuals suffer from severe physical injuries, such as gunshot wounds, shrapnel injuries, and amputations, which […]


24 Jul

Hadassah Doctors Give a Gazan Patient with an Incurable Skin Disease a “Normal Life”

Even the experienced hand surgeons at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem had never seen such a shocking development: their patient’s hands, with encrusted, wood-like growths, looked as if they had metamorphosed into trees. Hadassah Senior Hand and Microvascular Surgeon Dr. Michael Chernofsky first met 42-year-old Mohammed Taluli from Gaza when Mr. Taluli came in to his […]


26 Jun

Rare disease creates bond between Israeli and Palestinian patients

They met in the Paediatrics Department at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus, two couples whose children suffer from a rare disease. One couple from an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem, and one couple from Gaza, both sharing the same concern for their tiny loved ones who are hospitalised for treatment and follow-up at a Hadassah Paediatric gastroenterology […]


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