Mark Addleman

10 October 2023

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As Operation Iron Swords is being waged in Israel, Hadassah Hospital is fighting desperately to save lives and heal the wounded. As the violence escalates, the number of injured – soldiers and citizens – continues to rise. Many of these individuals suffer from severe physical injuries, such as gunshot wounds, shrapnel injuries, and amputations, which require specialised rehabilitation to regain functionality and independence.


Hadassah Hospital is fiercely committed to foster hope and healing, even in the midst of this ongoing conflict.


Emergency preparedness is imperative in all countries and communities, and particularly in Israel, where being ready for a war in the region is an unfortunate fact of life. Early on Saturday morning, October 7, the Simchat Torah holiday, the tranquillity and joy of the day was shattered when Hamas launched a surprise multi-front deadly attack on Israel. On the first day of the assault, hundreds of terrorists invaded communities and homes, and over 5,000 rockets were launched from Gaza into Israel. Israel retaliated with Operation Iron Swords, and IDF forces engaged in ground combat and airstrikes – in the most deadly and violent days of fighting in the region in decades.


For Israel’s soldiers and citizens, Hadassah has always served as the centre of emergency medical care. Our hospital is continuously and acutely aware of the need to plan for disasters, and our buildings have been designed to keep patients safe under the most challenging conditions. All the underground levels are constructed as bomb shelters, with safeguards against the results of biological or chemical attack.


The need for quality rehabilitative care is rapidly increasing throughout Jerusalem and its surrounding areas. The Emergency Hospital at Hadassah will be an underground haven for healing.


The new Gandel Rehabilitation Centre ensures that those affected by the war will receive the care and support they need to strengthen their bodies, rejuvenate their spirit and rebuild their lives.


The Emergency Underground Hospital in the Gandel Rehabilitation centre is protected against all types of assault and was built in full compliance with the regulations of Israel’s Home Front Command. The underground parking garage was designed to include a large-scale fortified shelter made to withstand bomb and rocket explosions that rock the terrain. The Emergency Hospital will act as a full disaster response-emergency rehabilitation centre that can accommodate 130 beds for hospitalised rehabilitation patients in times of need – such as traditional, chemical or biological warfare.


Hadassah UK Emergency Appeal


Following the unprecedented attack from Gaza, hundreds of casualties, many of whom are the most challenging cases, are being evacuated by helicopter to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Our experts, experienced in mass casualty response, are doing whatever it takes to save the lives of the critically injured.


Sadly the path to full recovery for some of the injured will be long and challenging. After surgery, many patients will need extensive rehabilitation with Hadassah’s specialist rehabilitation team. Hadassah UK is supporting The Emergency Hospital in the new Gandel Rehabilitation Centre to ensure that the essential rehabilitation services are immediately provided to those critically ill patients who need it most.


In this ongoing emergency crisis, we are urgently calling on your support, as Hadassah Hospital desperately fights to save lives amid a surge of casualties. Your immediate support will provide life-saving equipment, vital for patients in this dire situation.


At this critical time, we urge our supporters in the UK to stand with Israel and Hadassah Hospital. Please make a gift today to urgently help heal the people of Israel.






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