Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Hadassah Hospital is in a key position at the forefront of patient care, research & development, of innovative drug trials finding effective treatment.

Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem is currently undergoing a massive campaign to retrofit hundreds of hospital beds for future Coronavirus casualties. Additionally, we are on the front lines of Israel’s battle against Coronavirus by developing drugs to treat the pandemic.

Israel is a world leader in the global fight against Covid-19. This can be highlighted with various side-by-side comparisons worldwide. Israel is also leading in the campaign against an imminent second wave. And Hadassah is joining in the fight to make sure that no more plagues devastate Jerusalem, Israel and the world as a whole.

In this unprecedented crisis, Hadassah UK is joining forces together with Hadassah International in sharing important information and experience of the pandemic, to assist a global network of hospitals and communities. The Hadassah Manual of Protocols, based on early and advanced approaches to Covid-19, has been translated and published in English, Russian and Spanish.

A key part of this success is also down to the role of R&D and the approach of translational medicine; in which Hadassah excels. Hadassah UK has already made a major contribution to this field, building R&D infrastructure and thanks to the generous gift Wohl Foundation, established last year: The Wohl Centre for Translational Medicine at Hadassah. We recognise and are proud of our role in this area, finding potential treatments quickly for Covid-19 which can be shared and disseminated:

  • Out of 155 clinical trials worldwide, 16 clinical trials have been approved at Hadassah.
  • Hadassah was one of the initial testing centres for PCR (polymerise chain reaction) testing detecting genetic information (RNA) of the virus. Of 10,000 daily tests in Israel, Hadassah is testing over 2,000 patients per day.
  • Extensive research on improving COVID-19 testing techniques will increase exponentially the number of tests that can be done and read quickly.
  • Developing a reliable test to determine immunity from COVID-19 to help develop a sustainable exit strategy, to allow life to return to whatever the new normal will be.
  • Engaging in serological research to enrich the concentration of antibodies in plasma derived from COVID-19 survivors, so that plasma can be given to critically ill patients until a vaccine is developed.
  • Running clinical trials on promising treatments and repurposing existing medicines for patients.
  • Trials of new medical devices which have the potential to be beneficial in treating Covid-19.
  • Hadassah is leading in novel medical protocols. One example-Hadassah was the first hospital in Israel to carry out testing and re-testing every 5 days for all its staff, when it was against Ministry of Health guides, who then changed their guidelines.


Hadassah is also collaborating with other Israeli institutions. Our approach includes:

  1. Conducting basic scientific research for over 100 years with our natural partner, The Hebrew University.
  2. The Wohl Institute for translational medicine sited at Hadassah, Ein Kerem
  3. Ichilov hospital, Magen David Adom, other hospitals and pharmaceutical companies
  4. Innovations with business start-ups – 10 applications for innovations are currently submitted for development.
  5. An expert committee at Hadassah sits regularly to analyse the viability and potential of these projects.
  6. Thanks to our links with Hadassah International we are sharing this R&D around the globe. In the UK, we have briefed MP’s, click here to see more, and created a Medical Protocol Manual for use in the UK for primary care.

With support from our valued donors, we are already saving lives and infra structure around the world to help mitigate the impact of Covid-19

But that’s where you can step in and help. That’s because any amount you donate will be earmarked for preventing a second wave which can send the world back into seclusion, panic and economic collapse. And if Hadassah can’t stop it, they’ll at the very least serve as a role-model for other hospitals worldwide dealing with the pandemic’s comeback.

With your help we can ensure that our medical teams have the essential equipment to treat, research and share this information globally including the UK.

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