Paediatric Cardiologists from Hadassah Hospital help to save Syrian children.


A unique collaboration is being launched between Hadassah Medical Centre and the Baruch Padeh Poriya Hospital in Tiberias to help save the lives of Syrian children and adolescents who suffer from complex and life-threatening heart abnormalities.
Fourteen Syrian children will be examined at Hadassah Medical Centre soon by a team of experts, as part of the “Good Neighbours” project run by the IDF.

This week, a joint team from Hadassah and Baruch Padeh Poriya Hospital in Tiberias examined 17 Syrian children and teenagers with severe heart defects and determined that most of them can benefit from complex heart surgery.

Hadassah’s Paediatric Cardiologist Dr Julius Golander who heads surgical evaluation at Hadassah Ein Kerem, joined doctors from Baruch Padeh-Poriya Hospital and the IDF’s Good Neighbour Program in Tiberias recently when a mothers brought children with heart diseases from Syria to Tiberias. The doctors examined them and ascertained what treatment if any the youngsters were receiving in Syria.

“We will make an initial diagnosis and build a treatment plan for anyone who needs cardiac intervention, whether catheterisation or surgery at Hadassah Hospital,” Dr. Golander said. The children are suffering from a wide variety of significant heart abnormalities, including ventricular defects and transposition of the great arteries. Their chances of surviving without medical intervention is slim.

Said Dr. Golander: “The special cooperation between the Hadassah and Baruch Padeh Poriya Hospital is important and will save the lives of these children. Hadassah will make use of our paediatric cardiac surgery department and the indispensable Paediatric Intensive Care Unit for this special humanitarian project.

The children some of whom have never been properly treated or examined, will come to Jerusalem for the complex surgery and catheterisations at Hadassah and will continue for follow-up at the Pedah-Poriya Medical Centre in Tiberias.”


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