The Woman Behind a Trailblazing Treatment

by Mark Addleman

Hadassah’s Prof. Michal Lotem, a trailblazer in melanoma research and healing, is treating her patients with a personalised protocol that only a handful of oncology centres around the globe are able to offer. When her patients come to her with Stage IV metastatic melanoma, where standard treatments have failed, Prof. Lotem uses a cutting-edge immunotherapy…


by Mark Addleman

Here we are in early July, and I am enjoying beautiful sunshine in the most beautiful country in the world. Having celebrated our two year “aliyahversary” in May, I know that I have no regrets about our decision, finally, to turn our dreams of Aliyah into a reality. One huge element of this is down…

A Lyrical Story from Nahama, Hadassah’s Medical Clown

by Mark Addleman

A lyrical story by Shiri– Sometimes miracles do happen A&E I pass through the rooms… Here is a dark room, here are a grandmother and a grandfather, here is a mother in pain, here is a young-girl lying in bed, looking at the ceiling not responding. “Bonjour,” I say, the grandmother answers me and the…

“Send in the Clowns” Hadassah UK Event

by Mark Addleman

Hadassah UK (HUK) brings to London from our hospital in Jerusalem, some of our best practitioners in medicine who have developed world-leading techniques. This week HUK brought one of our best and more unusual, David Barashi (DuSH) their Head Dream Doctors Medical Clown. Hospital Medical Clowning in Israel has developed in a different way to…

Jewish nurse breastfeeds baby of injured Palestinian mum

by Mark Addleman

Share this article with other mums.. Because love certainly has no boundaries when it comes to the sisterhood of Motherhood and breastfeeding… The beautiful image is popping up on social media newsfeeds around the world. A nurse cradles a baby with a tender expression on her face. One would think she is the baby’s mother…

Saving the lives of children at risk in Mosul

by Mark Addleman

An article in the Jewish Chronicle describes how Sally Becker, a volunteer and past Trustee of Hadassah UK, is on a mission to save those most at risk from the battle for Mosul. She has created the only front-line paediatric unit in this war-torn area, and has teamed up with the Hadassah Medical Centre in…

The Hadassah Director General’s Report Letter

by Mark Addleman

Dear Friends, Every anniversary of the State of Israel is precious and emotional for all of us. The newborn State of Israel had many challenges, but it didn’t have to create a medical infrastructure. Hadassah had already done that. The doctors and nurses who fled from the Holocaust and reached Israel had been integrated into…


by Mark Addleman

Aaron Schwartz, age 42, was severely injured when a heavy wall of steel fell on him at work. Suffering six broken vertebrae and leg fractures in two places, Mr. Schwartz was brought to the new underground hybrid operating room in Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem’s Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower. “In the hybrid room are two…

Guest Blog: Nurse Libbie

by Mark Addleman

Chapter Four : The Weismark Miracle Kinneret Weismark was born with a big BANG! Her mother, Ilana Weismark, suffered an Amniotic Fluid Embolism – a rare (1 in 30,000 women), life threatening childbirth emergency during the hours of labour. Thanks to the wonderful team of doctors and nurses at the Hadassah Medical Centre, both Ilana…

Guest Blog- Hadassah Medical Clown -Nehama

by Mark Addleman

Nehama’s Story Chapter 2 One of the special things I feel about working in Hadassah Hospital is the gathering of people from all nations, ages and religions. For me,- helping two children, one who speaks only Arabic and the other with a kippah (skullcap -therefore a religious Jewish child), to connect and play with each…




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