In the wake of the unprecedented Iranian attack on Israel, we are all relieved and grateful that most of the drones and missiles fired directly from Iran were intercepted, and those that landed caused only minimal damage. But today we find ourselves in nervous anticipation of what’s going to happen next. The threat to Israel and Jerusalem is real and frightening. But what we do know is, preparation is key.


The Hadassah Medical Organization is actively assessing it’s preparedness and priorities in relation to various potential scenario’s in the light of this weekend’s unprecedented attacks on Israel and Jerusalem in particular, to ensure that Hadassah can continue to act swiftly to protect and heal the people of Israel under any situation and in all circumstances.


Amid such uncertainty, the need still remains great and urgent:
  • Emergency Preparedness: This last weekend, Hadassah hospitals sprang into action and were ready for any eventuality, thanks to Hadassah’s dedicated staff and its 13 underground operating suites, which can be used even during missile attacks. Your support ensures we’re always ready to respond quickly and effectively in times of crisis.
  • Critical Expansion: Hadassah plans to begin construction on an additional six underground operating suites, significantly enhancing our capacity to treat mass casualties from across central Israel during times of conflict and greatly increasing our wartime hospital capacity.
  • Addressing Trauma: The impact of weekend’s events and the ongoing war with Hamas extends beyond physical injuries. Hadassah’s continued mental health response ensures essential mental health therapies and services are provided to those affected by trauma.
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitative Care: The Gandel Rehabilitation Centre, already partially open on the Mount Scopus Campus, represents our dedication to long-term patient well-being. Your contribution will ensure we can continue to build and fully equip this state-of-the-art facility, providing crucial physical, occupational, and speech therapies to facilitate complete recovery.






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