Dream Doctors’ storm their way across, Texas for disaster relief mission


The Dream Doctors Project, in partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Consulate in Houston, has sent 2 specially-trained therapeutic medical clowns aka ‘Dream Doctors’ to Houston, Texas, to bring humanitarian aid to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Over the years, Hadassah’s Dream Doctors have worked on humanitarian projects including responding to earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal with the IDF Field Hospital and training the Red Cross in therapeutic trauma interventions for refugees in Germany.

After 20 hours of travel, the clowns touched down in Texas to begin their mission. The city of Houston was uncharacteristically quiet, yet spoke volumes of the dreadful impact Hurricane Harvey had left on this typically buzzing and vibrant city.

It is true, belonging to a superpower nation suggests Houston have the funds and resources to restore and rebuild the city after any disaster. Houses can be re-built, businesses can re-open and the natural order of the day can and will resume. These ‘medical clowns’ however can achieve something that will last longer than bricks and mortar, that is, restoring faith in humanity. Their work in Israel and further afield highlight that healing goes beyond certified medical treatment. This sentiments was echoed when a local man asked the clowns whether they were travelling for business or pleasure. They explained the meaning of their trip to which the man, stunned for a moment, excitedly responded “Thank you very much for coming. You have no idea how terrible the last few days have been. Everyone thinks that because we are a country with money, they don’t need to send help. We always send aid to other countries when they need assistance and it means so much that others have come to help us when we are in the same situation.”

So far, the clowns have participated in various actions, one of which was an event taking place within the Jewish and Israeli community of Houston on 11th September. The clowns were met with an overwhelming number of amazing families and children, some of whom lost their homes and possessions in the hurricane. Naturally, the connection was immediate for both children and adults. The ‘Dream Doctors’ embraced the community in their customary clownish manner and the appreciation for them was enormous. This added to the specialness of their mission. Alongside the ‘Dream Doctors, volunteers from Magen David Adom were present. Nothing is as heartwarming as knowing that, when you are an Israeli, you can be sure that Israel is with you wherever you go.

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