Hadassah UK New Nursery at Mount Scopus – Rosh Hashanah Appeal


When Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus campus reopened in 1976, it was considered the most spacious and developed hospital in Jerusalem and was built to accommodate 250 births each month. Now this has almost doubled and, with nearly 500 babies born every month, is expected to rise significantly in time as Jerusalem continues to grow.

With improved medicine over the years many pregnancies and complicated deliveries that in the past did not succeed, now continue to full term with a much higher success rate. This increase has placed a strain on the Nursery where these babies go to be cared for after birth.

In response, Hadassah UK has sponsored a brand-new state-of-the-art Nursery bringing infant care into the 21st century. The new Nursery supports the Maternity Ward for babies who need minimal supervision and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for babies needing special treatment. Together they provide the highest possible quality multi-layered care available today.

Hadassah UK now need your help to provide specialised equipment in the Nursery for those babies needing urgent medical treatment to ensure they get the best care possible as soon as they need it, so they are strong and healthy when they leave the hospital.


Three levels of care are addressed in the Nursery:

  • Five bays provide comfortable space for babies with no special needs.
  • Two intermediate care areas are open to the nurses’ view, with special equipment to give babies a little bit of extra care when needed.
  • Two infant resuscitation bays ensure that medical emergencies are addressed immediately in the Nursery.




Located adjacent to the Maternity Ward, mothers can choose from full or partial rooming- in while their babies are close at hand.  The rooming-in option was created to allow mothers to spend as much time as possible with their babies after giving birth.



Mothers may need time to rest, shower, or eat, while their babies are cared for in the nursery for short periods of time or overnight as needed.

The nursery is also available for babies needing medication or special treatment.



Hadassah Hospital has played a vital role in protecting the health and wellbeing of every patient during this unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, and continues to provide first class healthcare to Jerusalem and her citizens.


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