Mark Addleman

08 December 2022

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Fifty Hadassah International leaders, representing 29 nationalities from the four corners of the world, including 11 time zones, 25 countries, and 17 languages came together in Jerusalem on November 19th for three days for their first in-person meetings, since the start of the Covid pandemic.


After an emotional reunion,  The Hadassah International retreat began with examining our remarkable 40-year history, what has been achieved over the past two years, and what needs to be done as we march proudly into the future.


Challenged by an Israeli global expert on international affairs, participants looked at global trends and celebrated what Hadassah International has been able to achieve over the past three years by organising two humanitarian missions reaching out to those in need of help.


Next, the group listened to a panel of Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) doctors, nurses, and administrative staff who participated in these missions, speak about their experiences. Hadassah International was able to bring help and ongoing advice on Covid-19 to Argentina and humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees on the Polish border following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The HMO professionals stated that their participation in these missions was one of the most meaningful experiences of their lives.


On the second day, Hadassah International’s leadership took a tour on the ground to see the progress of the Gandel Rehabilitation Centre, rising swiftly on the Hadassah Hospital Campus on Mount Scopus. Participants were amazed at the size and scope of this new building which will provide a much-needed service to a population of over a million patients and is due to open in 2024.


The focus then turned to the campus of Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, with discussions for plans of a future Cancer Centre and the group visiting the Hadassah Centres of Excellence, with an opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge new technology and medical research being developed at Hadassah now which will be the future medical solutions of tomorrow.


The last day was spent discussing the next steps for Hadassah International and its units worldwide, and hearing from Young Hadassah International, a group of 50 energetic, idealistic  and motivated leaders from around the world who have found their cause in helping to connect Hadassah to countries globally.



For three days, the energy level and enthusiasm were high and after a wonderful time had by all, participants went home stimulated and renewed in their resolve to continue the work of Hadassah International in supporting the Hadassah Medical Organization and bringing health to Israel and the rest of the world.



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