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Nehama’s Story Chapter 2

One of the special things I feel about working in Hadassah Hospital is the gathering of people from all nations, ages and religions.

For me,- helping two children, one who speaks only Arabic and the other with a kippah (skullcap -therefore a religious Jewish child), to connect and play with each other, is a big blessing and that’s where the healing begins. This solidarity between people from different backgrounds exists also among the members of the medical staff and within the group of the medical clowns.

This time I bring the story of Fulla Jubeh, a medical clown (“Fullafalfulla”) in Hadassah for 5 years. Fulla lives in Isawiya in Jerusalem with her 3 kids, and here is her story –

“When I started my work in Hadassah Hospital 3 years ago, my Hebrew was not so good.
During my break a man came over to me, asked me in Hebrew to go to see his father and offered to pay me. It took me awhile to understand him, but when I did, of course, I told him I will go to see his father without pay.
On our way, he told me that his father refuses to eat or drink and sometimes even to talk. He guided me to his father’s bed. I found a very old man, recovering from heart surgery.
When he heard me speaking Arabic, his mood changed and he told me he will eat something if I play him a song by an old Iraqi singer, Nazim Alghazali.
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I agreed and after I played for him his favorite song, he asked me to feed him. I did that with all my heart. I felt so happy that I succeeded to change his mood. It strengthened my belief and trust that through human feelings we can make connections regardless of religion, colour, race or sex.
I received from his family a lot of thanks and praise which gave me belief and trust in my humanist work and more power to continue my way. I kept visiting him from time to time, but the tragic end was not so far away and he died. My relationship with his family continues until now.”

May we all reach true freedom to be who we are, to open our hearts to others and open the way to human connection. May we learn to extend our inner boundaries and to see the light in each of us.

Until next time, may the red nose be with you 🙂

Nehama (Boola-Boola) Perel.

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