Hamas terrorists systematically planned & committed the most horrific and unimaginable acts of mass sexual violence on Oct 7.


To hold Hamas accountable for their war crimes and show the world that we won’t allow rape to be used as a weapon of war #EndTheSilence is Hadassah’s global campaign demanding justice for the victims and accountability for these heinous war crimes.


Community events in 18 countries were organised to coincide with International Women’s Day – The Hadassah International community signed and presented a petition with over 130,000 signatures to the United Nations on 8th March 2024, International Women’s Day, to tell the UN Secretary-General to speak out against rape as a weapon of war and #EndTheSilence on the weaponization of sexual violence in Israel and around the world.


A Hadassah delegation attended meetings at the UN in New York, during the United Nation’s 68th Commission on the Status of Women.  The Hadassah delegation also attended parallel meetings where they were able to speak up, including a Town Hall meeting with Guterres attended by 600 international women, and held a reception at the UN to protest the silence.


Carol Ann Schwartz, the National President of Hadassah took the opportunity while at the UN to meet with Her Excellency, Pramila Patten, United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict. Schwartz explained that “We cannot let our international institutions undermine efforts to pursue justice. UN Women denied our request to speak about this issue during the Commission on the Status of Women meetings, but we will not be silent. For the sake of women everywhere, we must come together around the world to speak the truth and demand action.



The following pages contain graphic descriptions of sexual violence which people may find distressing and emotionally triggering.





  • Michael Bennett says:

    It is shocking to see how quickly the world forgot the atrocities of October 7th.How would the Secretary General of the U.N. Like to live next to a neighbour who openly stars it is his policy to kill him & take over his house.

  • michael green says:

    these people are the dregs of the world

  • Simon David Gold says:

    I hope this petition to the United Nations is well supported. In amongst many issues that UN has been gravely silent about , this is one of the most serious.

  • These atrocities HAVE to be taken seriously.

    This cannot continue.

  • Tania Nelson says:

    Share and end the silence. The world must be made aware of the sexual barbarities perpetrated against these hinocent Jewish women and girls. Make sure Jews count.

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