In just a few weeks, the space below Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital has been converted into an underground hospital, bracing for an influx of war casualties. Rows of hospital beds and medical equipment have been set up in what was meant to be used as a parking garage.


“We have up to 130 beds here, including intensive care beds,” Dr. Tamar Elram, Director of the Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital. “Everything that we do here is in total cooperation and agreement with the army and with police and all the other security forces.”


“We’ve already got soldiers and civilians who are turning to our ERs, two and a half weeks after the terror attack, starting to suffer from acute post-traumatic syndrome,” Elram said, ‘’One of the biggest challenges they’ve faced in preparing for what’s to come includes manpower. Some staffers are leaving the hospital to go serve in the Israeli military’’.


Hadassah Hospital has also been treating civilian victims, like Michal Alon, who was shot in the hand and chest by Hamas militants on Oct. 7 and is now embarking on the long road to recovery, both physically and emotionally.


Hadassah UK Underground Hospital Emergency Appeal


Hadassah UK is helping to create a facility at Hadassah for the thousands of casualties have been treated thus far in Israel’s hospitals, and the numbers are rising. The country is facing a dramatic surge in the demand for immediate care and rehabilitation which can go on for months, especially for serious cases like traumatic brain injuries, shrapnel damage, and severe limb and vascular injuries.


Hadassah UK is supporting this appeal to urgently complete and equip the Emergency Hospital, so we can heal the wounded, alleviate suffering, and infuse hope into Israel’s patients in need.


Hadassah UK supports Hadassah Hospital’s mission of peaceful coexistence, dedicated to saving lives today, and finding medical solutions for tomorrow.




Editors Notes

An excerpt from an article by Guy Davies and Ines De La Cuetara on ABC News – read the full story.

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