Dream Doctor Medical Clowns

It is heart breaking to see ill children who have to endure painful hospital treatments and procedures that are necessary to save their lives. Whether it’s a child with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, a burns victim having their bandages changed or a victim of sexual abuse being examined by a doctor, the Medical Clowns provide playful diversion to reduce the stress, anxiety and fear experienced by thousands of young patients a year during medical procedures.


Hadassah Hospital was the first hospital in Israel to experimentally research Medical Clowns. In 2002, Hadassah pioneered medical clowning in Israel by bringing three clowns into Hadassah. The “Dream Doctors” Organisation have now developed this technique over the last 15 years into a full para-medical practice integrated within hospital paediatric medical teams.


Hadassah’s Medical Clowns have evolved from entertainers to professional medical therapists playing a vital role in the provision of nearly every paediatric medical service. The clowns are trained in psychology, social work, nursing and theatre work and use improvisation, imaginative play and music to assist the clinical staff and replace pain and isolation and monotony, with laughter, connectedness and joy.

“I can no longer imagine our professional lives without the clowns. None of us can.”

Professor Eitan Kerem, Head of Paediatrics, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem

Medical Clowns help change and re-frame negative hospital experiences for the patient, family, visitors & staff, creating positive outcomes.

Even the staff benefit!

New research shows that Medical Clowns not only assist with patients but contribute to a reduction in the level of stress within the hospital setting. They have been proven to increase efficiency levels because they allow staff to manage procedures quickly and smoothly.


Hadassah is now extending the use of their Dream Doctors Medical Clowns into other areas: for example they are an integral part of Paediatric Surgical Teams, enabling a reduction in time to administer anaesthetics, lowering stress, with faster operating times resulting in cost savings, and an improved patient experience.



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