Calling all football supporters!

Hadassah UK and Maccabi GB are delighted to bring you “JUST FOR KICKS”

We all know that you have your favourite team and we’re sure you have at least one rival team. So what better way to support football whilst donating to support the work of two fantastic charities – Hadassah UK and Maccabi GB.

Each week when your favourite football team win you put £2 away to donate and each time one of your rival teams lose you put £4 away! Meaning based on results and how many rival teams you choose you could be donating up to £6 a week to be split equally between two charities.


‘Just For Kicks’ is designated to support Hadassah’s new Paediatric Cardiac Unit . The Paediatric Cardiology Department at Hadassah is a leader in the field in diagnosing and treating congenital heart defects;- in foetuses in-utero, newborns, and children and youth, as well as diseases and abnormalities of the heart and circulatory system in children that manifest later during childhood.

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