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Hadassah continues to move forward, making the world a better place through healing, teaching, and research. Hadassah researches in “translational medicine” which combines the most advanced medical and surgical care with top-level interdisciplinary research and development activity. Our doctors take their patients’ problems into the laboratories, grapple with their predicaments, consider possible solutions, and test hypotheses through the full range of clinical trials to enhance their diagnosis and treatment.

Hadassah Hospital is Israel’s only academic medical institution that combines teaching and training in one place within its two hospitals, treating 1 million patient visits per year, having 1,300 beds, 45 operating theatres and nine intensive care units. Hadassah’s extensive network provides community health care programmes and specialised outpatient clinics.

Hadassah in partnership with Hebrew University operates five specialised professionals medical schools; the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dental Medicine, Public Health and Occupational Therapy.

Transcending politics, religion, and geographical boundaries to enhance world health, Hadassah Hospital was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. For over a century, Hadassah has extended its hand to all, without regard for race, religion, or ethnic origin.

Ein Kerem Campus

This 950-bed tertiary care hospital treats virtually every conceivable aspect of modern medicine and serves as a national referral centre for the most complex and challenging medical cases. With over 130 departments and clinics, Hadassah Ein Kerem provides Israel’s most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services for the local and national population and a significant number of international patients.


Ein Kerem has over 28 buildings, with specialty services in the Sharett Institute of Oncology, the Department of Haematology and the Weiser Department of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cancer Immunobiology, the Bloomberg Mother and Child Centre, the Swartz Centre for Emergency Medicine which houses Jerusalem’s only Level 1-A Trauma Unit, and the Davidson Hospital Tower, a 19-story inpatient and surgical facility.


Some departments, such as the Department of Neurosurgery, are the only facilities of their kind in the Jerusalem area; other specialty centres, such as the Fleischman Centre for Women’s Health and the Greenebaum Multidisciplinary Breast Centre, the Centre for Brain Diseases and the Heart Institute are unique in Israel.


The outstanding research facilities include the Hadassah Clinical Research Centre, the Goldyne Savad Institute for Gene Therapy, the Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Centre, Israel’s only hospital-based cyclotron helped provided by UK donor, and a world class GMP laboratory.

The Wohl Institute for Translational Medicine, geared toward applied research for personalised medicine, was created in 2019. The multidisciplinary institute is a result of a partnership among the Wohl Legacy, Hadassah UK, and the Hadassah Medical Organisation. The Wohl Institute offers state-of-the-art imaging technologies for pre-clinical research to researchers from Hadassah Hospital and other Israeli hospitals and universities and is the first of its kind in Israel.

Mount Scopus Campus

This 350-bed community hospital serves the heavily populated Jewish and Arab neighbourhoods of Northern and Eastern Jerusalem, with over 30 departments and clinics.


It provides specialty services in the Guggenheim Rehabilitation Centre, the Goldberg Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Douer Family Centre for Paediatric Genetic and Chronic Diseases, Israel’s only Centre for Familial Dysautonomia, the Centre for Neuropediatric and Child Development, the Centre for Joint Replacement and Reconstruction and the Kay Hospice that provides supportive residential and home care for the terminally ill.


Opened in 1939 as the first modern medical facility in the region, it was cut off from Jerusalem during the 1948 War of Independence. In 1975, Hadassah Mt. Scopus was rededicated expanding their original hospital with all modern facilities and the exciting benefits of digital medicine. Hadassah is just completing building a new Rehabilitation Centre where Hadassah UK have supported a Technological Incubator Hub to bring together our researchers and IT experts to find new digital innovative solutions to illnesses and their treatments.

Hadassah Abroad

Hadassah leads numerous research and training programmes with doctors, scientists and health professionals from around the world. Working beyond national borders, Hadassah has a long-standing commitment to assisting countries in need of emergency, medical relief or training after natural or man-made disasters. In response to the Ukrainian war refugee crisis, Hadassah reacted within one week and sent a Humanitarian Medical Mission with medical supplies to the Ukraine Border. The Hadassah doctors bring with them an intimate knowledge of wartime and disaster relief medicine and the physical and human infrastructure needed to handle sudden large mass influxes of patients.

International Patients at Hadassah

Every year thousands of international patients cross continents and countries to travel to Israel for medical treatment at Hadassah. Incorporating all medical and surgical sub-specialties. The Hadassah Hospital is known for pioneering new medical techniques. People from all countries turn to Hadassah for help.


To contact the International Patient Department:

Phone: +972-2-6779111   Email: international@hadassah.org.il

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Hadassah UK proudly support Hadassah's mission of peaceful coexistence, dedication to saving lives today, and finding medical solutions for a world of tomorrow.

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